Broer Freeman

Store hours:  Monday-Friday: 10:00- 5:30  and  Saturday: 10:00- 3:00
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Our expert-level knowledge of jewelry extends to our comprehensive appraisal services.

Whether you’re trying to make an insurance claim or an estate collection valuation, Broer-Freeman can aid you today. We’re a court-approved appraiser, and our initial consultation is always free.

We take pride in the knowledge and skill level of our staff. It is their dedication to their field which elevates our business every day, allowing us to offer a wide range of specialized services content in the knowledge that we will be more than able to handle each and every one of them in house. We seek to hire experts, both to maintain the high standards established by J.J. Freeman in 1877 and the ensure that each of our customer’s needs can and will be met in full. As such, we have enlisted the help of two GIA (Gemological Institute of America) trained graduate gemologists as in-store advisers and appraisers.

Founded in 1931, GIA worked to establish guidelines by which gemstones could be fairly judged, ensuring that a gem’s price is always justified by its level of quality. A non-profit organization, GIA does its research for the benefit of buyers and sellers of jewelry the world over. Over the years, they have established themselves as the finest laboratory in the industry with the strictest and fairest grading practices of any gemological lab or institute. We endeavored to work with graduates from their program as they are the absolute best at what they do, and their presence in our shop cannot be overvalued.