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Vibrant in Vintage

I have a not so well kept secret….. are you ready?

Just the basics

Buying jewelry for yourself or others can be overwhelming so let’s keep it basic baby! 

Charmed, I’m Sure!

The Charm bracelet. A classic piece that is uniquely you!

Rosé All Day

Lets face it guys, pink is having a moment right now.... like major moment. 

An Ode To Diamonds

We love diamonds (Duh) so an Ode To Diamonds is waaaay over due - Enjoy!

Stunning September Sapphires!

It's finally here everybody! September !!!! You know what that means ... (besides pumpkin spice everything popping up) we are talking about Sapphires!! 

 "Where am I going to wear this?"

We hear this all the time .... "This is beautiful but where would I wear something like this?" 


Peridot Paradise

August is almost over and we would be remiss if we didn't talk about the most popular August birthstone - Peridot!


Who loves rubies? We do!!


Custom Jewelry

Do you dream of the perfect ring? Maybe a necklace in a magazine you have not been able to find? Or have you seen earrings on pintrest you just can't stop thinking about?



Why do we love stackables so much? Because they are awesome!

What exactly is a "Stackable"? We define "Stackable" as any piece of jewerly you can stack with others of it's type. Necklaces, bracelets and rings can all be stacked up. 

It’s about time… Rolex Repair

It’s about time!