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Can my ring be cut off my finger at Broer-Freeman Jewelers?

Yes! At Broer-Freeman Jewelers we are experts at safely and delicately cutting off rings.

Why would you have a ring cut off?

Rings become a part of everyday life and wherever you go, the ring goes. You get used to wearing the ring everyday and don’t really think much about it. Before you know it, years have gone by and the ring is still on but doesn’t come off easily or at all.  Arthritis, swelling of the fingers, pregnancy, and accidents are among the many other reasons rings may have to be cut off.

We are here to help! This service is free of charge, painless, and done right here at Broer-Freeman Jewelers. We have special tools here in the store that protects your hand and the ring during the procedure. This process does not take long but we recommend calling ahead to make sure we get you in right away. 419-536-5272

Please do not try doing this at home. When metal is cut it becomes very sharp and can easily cause harm.

After the ring has been removed we can give you an estimate to repair, resize, or remake the ring to whatever you would like. We know how important and special jewelry can be and we take great pride in handling your items carefully and respectfully. Please call or come in with questions to let us know how we can help.










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