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The Cocktail Ring

The cocktail ring has an interesting little history. The term was born in the 1920s in America, during the Prohibition Period.

Commercial sale of alcohol was banned and as you would suspect there was a revolution against this. The result was the birth of the fabulous culture of underground cocktail parties. This was every woman’s dream. Women would dress up in their most flamboyant flapper style evening wear and the ultimate accessory was the cocktail ring. It was a culture of social status, and cocktail rings were worn to reflect exactly this. They were bold, sparkling show stoppers!

Typically the cocktail ring has a large center stone and usually surrounded with small colored gemstones or diamonds. Cocktail rings can be made from white, yellow, or rose gold, platinum, and sterling silver!  This was and still is a loose guideline. There are no rules when designing a cocktail ring! There are endless amounts of creative choices, from colored gemstones to all other fancy details. It is meant to be over the top, flashy and fun to wear. Be good to yourself!

Moving along to the women’s equality movement, the cocktail ring was associated with the classic “independent woman.” It was believed that a big and bold ring – one which was so blatantly not a wedding ring (and worn on the opposite hand, at that) – was a ring a woman would buy for herself, and therefore, a statement of independence.

Here at Broer-Freeman Jewelers we have designed many cocktail rings for all types of occasions and events. Stop in to see our selection or start designing your own!